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Making an Impact – EURO 2021 (

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Participate in ‘Making an Impact’ and be inspired with ways of improving your practice and achievements

'Making an Impact' is a conference stream dedicated to helping OR practitioners improve their effectiveness, and help them do a better job of OR in practice.

The MAI stream offers the chance not just to take part in really useful sessions to help your practice, but also to meet leading experts in the field and pick their brains to help with your knottiest problems - experts who may just have the solution you are looking for.

At Making an Impact, you can:

  • share your challenges and opportunities with an international peer group
  • be inspired by others' experience
  • build your network of like-minded people.
  • Making an Impact: At a Glance All sessions online

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    12th July, 10.30-21.00 Greek time   
    How OR became my business: OR users speak out   
    Machine learning and OR   
    Julia: New Kid on the Block   
    Speed networking   
    13th July, 10.30-20.00 Greek time   
    X-Ray of the perfect practitioner   
    OR in the Cloud   
    Inspiring Stories   
    Making it happen: ways of overcoming challenges of deployment   
    OR v COVID in 5 minutes   
    14th July, 10.30-14.00 Greek time   
    Fast and furious: lightning talks   
    Technique tasters   

    If you are interested in practice, you will also be interested in the Euro Excellence in Practice Award sessions, taking place in sessions MC and MD.

    For the latest details of each MAI session, [click here]. Whether you wish to join us online or physically in Athens, there will be plenty here for you.